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About Us

Thanks to professional management by the Colombo family, Carprometal has been able to earn a prominent position among companies operating in the trade and recovery of ferrous and metal scrap since the early 1960s.

For more than half a century, our company has been engaged in restoring discarded materials and equipment from industry and civil use to raw material status.

Our ongoing commitment to renewing our equipment, optimising its performance, and expanding our sales network internationally, has led us over the years to become a benchmark in the steel and metallurgical industry.

We are therefore now in a position to recycle the widest range of metal products and their derivatives. All this in strict compliance with regulations and with the highest degree of efficiency that current technology allows us.

Metal, an Infinitely Recyclable Material

The recovery of metallic materials, especially in a country lacking natural resources, takes on a dual value, environmental and economic.

The company possesses permits that allow it to both store and transport waste. As a member of the AIRA (Associazione Industriale Riciclatori Auto, Industrial Association of Auto Recyclers), Carprometal collaborates with CONAI (Consorzio Nazionale Acciaio, the Italian Steel Consortium) for the management and processing of industrial packaging, also interacting with municipalities and consortia for SUW collection.

In recent years, Carprometal S.p.A. has established itself as a major player in its field, pursuing the path of continuous improvement with substantial investments in both financial and human resources and paying close attention to environmental and legislative issues.

Our Installations

All facilities and equipment are constantly checked and adapted to new technologies to maintain the highest levels of safety, efficiency, operability and quality.


Carprometal is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and equipment that include:


Becker crushing plant with 3000 hp motor

shear press

flotation, sensor, eddy current installations

radiometric gate


wheel loader


more than a hundred roll-on roll-off containers

Our Certifications